Not every family is a perfect fit for our Doberman puppies or retirees.  Not every family wishes to buy a puppy when they can find a trusted Doberman Rescue Organization.  Some families have room in their hearts and homes for 'in need foster" dobermans while it awaits its 'fur-ever" homes.  If you are looking for the Doberman waiting for YOU and wish to explore more options than just our puppies and retired breeders, PLEASE check out any or all of the rescue organizations below.  Please be advised that each website is owned and run independently and not affiliated with Doberman Fields OR the other sites listed.  You will need to see if they are available in YOUR area, as well as provide a completed application, possible home visit, vet references, and other adoption procedures prior to placement.

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These rescue organizations go to great lengths and expense to care for the Dobermans and to place them in their perfect "fur-ever" homes. The more you comply with their requests, the better your chance of finding your Doberman from any of them.  If you are NOT looking to adopt or foster, please remember the hard work and dedication these rescues provide for all Dobermans and consider a donation of ANY amount to help them help Dobermans in need!! While the members volunteer, shelter, food, much needed medication care and attention, travel, and other related expenses are a hurdle YOU can help them overcome with your care and generosity.

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A donation is made to your preselected charitable organization.  Be SURE to choose one from the list below to help them help our Dobes!!
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All websites and information below are posted and presented to you with the permission of the organization. 

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If you are aware of or involved in a rescue and wish to be listed here, PLEASE e-mail us with your website, Facebook page if applicable, adoption locations and requirements, nonprofit corporation verification,  as well as years in operation to be considered.  We wish ALL Dobermans to be placed in perfect homes, and will make every effort to ensure only the true rescue organizations are posted and listed here.  

ADAPT, A Doberman Adoption Placement Team King wood, TX
Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue Inc.
Bath, Pennsylvania

A Doberman Adoption Placement Team is a nonprofit, charitable corporation comprised of a group of dedicated Volunteers who work tirelessly to save the lives of homeless Doberman Pinschers in Texas and, on occasion, in surrounding states.  Most members reside in and around the King wood and Houston area.  Their primary goals are to rescue, restore to good health, rehabilitate and place these unfortunate dogs into safe and loving homes where they can live out their lives as wonderful companions to those individuals and families who are lucky enough, and caring enough, to welcome them. 

Doberman Rescue Squad started in 1975 and in 1977 the name was changed to what it is today.  Doberman Rescue League, Inc. It is a nonprofit corporation comprised of Volunteers who are willing to give their time, expertise and their homes to help place Dobes (in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach areas of Florida) where they will be cared for and LOVED.

Fureverhomes Doberman Rescue Inc. (FDR, Inc.) is a Pennsylvania registered non profit organization whose primary mission is to give abandoned and surrendered Dobermans a second chance at finding a loving, safe, and suitable forever home.  FDR does not have paid employees, they rely solely on volunteer and donations to support their efforts, special people who devote their time and energy because of their love for this most magnificent breed.

Doberman Rescue League
Pompano Beach, FL

Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose purpose is to rescue abused, abandoned, and unwanted Dobermans and place them in good, safe and loving homes.  Public Education regarding Dobermans and responsible, humane animal care is an important function at DRU!!  Each dog AND applicant receives full screening prior to placement.  Dobermans receive full medical care, ensuring ALL needs are met.  Prospective applicants will complete an application, have in "in-home' meeting with a DRU agent, AND when approved -  both canine and its human(s) will have lifetime support from DRU.  Since their inception in 1988, DRU, relies solely on membership dues, donations, and fund-raising activities, AND has placed close to 3,000 dogs throughout the greater New England area and beyond!!  With an average of 30 dogs in their care at a time, DRU may just have that perfect one waiting for YOU! 

Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc.
Sandown, NH

Doberman Pinscher Club Of America (DPCA) has a state by state list of Doberman Rescues.  While there may be many more Doberman and other rescue organizaitons NOT on this list, its a good place to start looking to fill YOUR family's need with a Doberman in need.

We would  like to thank Natalie, a student in Mr.Wood's class at Learning Haven, for providing the following link/page which is focused on keeping pets safe while driving.  The well-being and safty of ALL pets while traveling should be the highest priority for every owner.  Thanks to this aspiring young student, we can pass on her discovery and do our part to further pet ownership/safe practice education. 

How to Keep Your Pets Safe While Driving

Way to go Natalie, we appreciate you!!