Max & Rose Litter 07/01/2015
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
Titan & Nala Litter 03/20/2015
Max & Nala Litter
Chaser & Jewel Litter 06/03/2018
Chaser & Jewel Litter 05/18/2020
Chaser & LEGACY Litter 04/05/2019

Occasionally, a Breeder will take on a person/family under a Mentor-ship set up.  Such was the case with US!!  We had purchased a Doberman pup, Roxie, from a breeder in Wurtsboro, NY in 2012. We became friends with the breeder and where honored to be asked to whelp three litters for them in 2015. Below are the litters we whelped FOR Superior Dobermans, prior to the conception of our own Kennel, Doberman Fields' LLC. 

As the "mentoree", we did not own the sires, where the co-owners of the dames, had no income or compensation for the pups, did not participate in the sales/contacts and never met the buyers (Except one family that has allowed us to follow their pups wonderful life!!!) BUT we gained experience in whelping and raising a litter in our home. 

Our desire to better, to preserve, promote AND protect the breed we love, led to us break away on our own.  Under new mentorship, we spent from 2015 to 2018 researching our breeds' health, pedigree history and lines, genetic illnesses, breed standards, joined AKC sanctioned All Breed and Specialty Clubs, AND put our heart and souls into creating the foundation for the future of our beloved breed!