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Doberman Fields
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Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
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AKC #51372002

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Meet "Jewel"
Doberman Fields' Jewel  TKN ATTS
Whelped 09/18/2015 in our Whelping Box
HEIGHT at Withers: 25" (10/2016 AGE 1 YEAR OLD) (Standard)
WEIGHT: 73 pounds (Verified 01/2017 - PBAH)                                  
(See Health Tests Completed below)
AKC DNA # V793536, CHIC DNA # DP-DNA-816/S
Sire #WS33412710 Superior Dobermans Man of War
Dam: #WS43624801 Superior Dobermans Nala
Jewel was born on September 18th, 2015, in our very own whelping box.  While breeding under and for our former associates, this litter was our long awaited culmination of two of our favorite Dobermans and a dream come true.
  We are pleased to have such a large part of bringing our Jewel into this world.  With her litter mate Sapphire, she quickly learned love, family life, pack rules and bonded not only to Nala but to ALL the humans in her world.  We have watched her from birth to present grow and develop into a proud ambassador for our breed AND our breeding.  She was a major inspiration for our family to break free from our business associate and began our own path towards responsible breeding; encompassing and preserving ALL aspects of our breed; health, temperament, and conformation.
Jewel began professional training at Suzannes Dog Training in the Winter of 2016.  Typical of a well-bred Doberman, she is smart, extreme agility, eager to please and fast to learn.  She and Jim are already excelling, and showing off what she has picked up from the others that began training last fall!! Jewel, handled by Jim, took AND passed her ATTS Temperament Test on July 9th, 2017!!  We expect to have her AKC CGC in 2017.  We plan to then move on to earn AKC work and show titles deserving of her excellent agility and desire to work AND please, and how far Jim is willing to take his "princess". .
We whelped a June 6th, 2018 "CHASER" and Jewel litter.  Congratulations to ALL the new owners!!
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields'
Doberman Fields
Use this link to access OFA's Website to verify ALL Jewel's OFA Health Tests and Certificates!!
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Date of Birth :09/18/2015
Acquisition Date/Ownership Date: 09/18/2015

Health Tests/Screening Status

Test/OFA Certificates ONCE  per Lifetime:

  • DCM - DNA Test for Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Heart)- OFA CERT-NORMAL 
  • DCM2 - DNA Test For Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Heart) - TBD
  • DM- DNA Test for Degenerative Myelopathy (Spine) - OFA CERT-NORMAL
  • vWD-  Von Willebrand's Disease (Bleeding Disorder)-OFA CERT-CARRIER
  • LOCUS D - Coat (Dilute Blue & Fawn)-OFA CERT CLEAR (DD)
  • DENTITION - Dental (Teeth & Eruption)-OFA CERT-FULL DENTITION
  • HIP -Hip Evaluation and Grade -OFA CERT EXCELLENT
  • ELBOW- Elbow Evaluation and Grade OFA CERT NORMAL
  • OFA BAER Congenital Deafness - OFA CERT HEARING NORMAL
  • RD -Canine Renal Dysplasia DOGenes - At Risk
  • DINGs Vestibular Deafness OFA Cert Pending - NORMAL
  • * * * *
  • Test/OFA Certificates YEARLY:
  • *
  • EYE-  Eye Exam and Screening-OFA CERT NORMAL, EXP 11/18/2017
  • OFA Cert Normal Exp 03/15/2019
  • CARDIO PRACTITIONER Congenital Cardiac Exam-OFA CERT NORMAL. EXP 01/26/2018
  • CARDIO ECHO - Echocardiographic Exam - OFA CERT Normal 3/4/18
  • CARDIO HOLTER -  24 Hour Holter Monitor Record & Interpret OFA CERT Normal

  • OFA Thyroid @ 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Yrs Old (Reg. Lab/Blood work done Yearly)


Upcoming Breeding :

There are no plans at this time to Breed Jewel.

Please fill out and submit a Puppy Application to be considered for any future breeding/litter.

Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields
Doberman Fields

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Use this link for quick access to  Jewel's DDP/Embark Page
DCM1 Clear                               03/29/16
DCM2                                                    tbd
DM Clear                                      03/29/16
vWD Carrier                              03/29/16
Locus B Carrier                        03/15/17
Locus D Clear                            03/15/17
Denition - FULL                       07/26/16
Narcolepsy Clear                   07/28/17
Liver ALT Low Normal       07/28/17
MDR1 Clear                               07/28/17
DINGs   NORMAL                 05/07/18
RD   - At Risk                               04/26/18
BAER NORMAL                      03/11/18
Hips EXCELLENT                   03/04/18
Elbows  NORMAL                  03/04/18
Eye NORMAL                             11/18/16
            NORMAL                            03/04/18
Cardio Echo  NORMAL       03/04/18
Cardio Holter   NORMAL  04/2018  
Thyroid  NORMAL                  03/04/18