Meet "Crystal"
Doberman Fields' Crystal v Benchmark  THDN CGC CGCU TKN  TKI TDI WAC RN
CHIC Number 133702
Whelped: 02/04/2016
Acquired: 04/02/16
HEIGHT at Withers: 27" (02/2019 - 3 YEARS OLD) (Standards)                
WEIGHT:  89.1 pounds (Verified 02/2019 - PBAH)
(See Health Tests Completed below)
AKC DNA# V794157
Sire: AKC #WS45881402, UKC #P742-236 Ivan Vom Haus Do'Urden RN CGC WAC GDT ID3
Dam: AKC #WS43418101, UKC #P754-263 U-CH Blueline's Barracuda CGC
Crystal came to our home on April 2nd, 2016. She is descendant from a long line of Dobermans bred not only from high drive, working lines, but for health and longevity as well.  She brings to our program the temperament, conformation, and health/longevity perfectly suited to our ultimate goal of focusing on the TOTAL Doberman to produce the finest Doberman pups As she grows and matures with us, the classic Doberman elegance and beauty of her dam, UKC Champion "Cuda" is apparent.  The intelligence and drive of her sire UKC Working Titles, "Ivan" makes her incredibly quick AND eager to learn and work for our pleasure and hers. She is the embodiment of the sleek grace, elegant stature, and beautiful soul that is a perfect addition to our breeding program and our focus on the TOTAL Doberman.    


Crystal sailed through Basic Obedience and Manners as well as Better than Basics in the fall/winter of 2016.  In compliance with  our contractual obligations to her breeder, Benchmark K9, as well as our commitment and support of DPCA responsible breeder guidelines, Crystal  received her AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) on 01/28/2017 at Suzannes Dog Training and has been training for AKC titles in Obedience, Rally, Scent/Nose work and more!!. 


  Crystal and Missy completed training and passed their TDI Therapy Dog Test/Evaluation and now  at visit/volunteer at local hospitals, nuring homes, assisted living facilicties, Public Schools, Collegs, and wherever there is a need to "Paws for Love".  Already having earned their AKC THDN (Therapy Dog Novice), they continue their goal of 'giving back' blessings and love, as well as educating people on the true temperment of Dobermans


Congratulations to Crystal and Missy for passing the DPCA WAE in September of 2018! Crystal in now eligable for and has received her CHIC number, a VERY special testiment of perfection for Crystal AND our breeding goals

Congratulation to Crystal and a HUGE thank you to Suzanne for earning Crystal's RN (Rally Noice) in June of 2019!!

 We are planning a FALL 2019 breeding with Chaser


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AKC # WS53094906
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Upcoming Breeding :

Tentative Breeding plans are being made for

Fall 2019

with Chaser

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DCM1 Clear                              09/08/16
DCM2 Two Copies              03/16/17    DM Clear                                     09/08/16
vWD Clear                                  09/08/16
Locus B Carrier                       09/08/16
Locus D Clear                           09/08/16
Denition - FULL                      09/08/16 
Narcolepsy Clear                   06/26/17
Liver ALT Normal                  06/26/17
MDR1 Clear                               06/26/17
DINGs    NORMAL                05/07/18
RD  At Risk                                   04/26/18
BAER NORMAL                     03/11/18
Hips EXCELLENT                  03/04/18
Elbows    NORMAL                03/04/18
Eye NORMAL                           11/18/16
            NORMAL                           03/04/18
          NORMAL                          03/31/19
Cardio Echo NORMAL       03/04/18
            NORMAL                       03/31/19
Cardio Holter  NORMAL 09/15/18
              PENDING                        07/2019
Thyroid NORMAL                   02/20/18
                 NORMAL                    03/31/19
Date of Birth :02/04/2016
Acquisition/Ownership Date: 04/02/2016 *LIMITED REGISTRATION*

Health Tests/Screening Status


Test/OFA Certificates ONCE  per Lifetime:
  • *
  • DCM - DNA Test for Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Heart)- OFA CERT-NORMAL 
  • DCM2 - DNA Test For Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Heart) - OFA DCM2 2 COPIES 
  • DM- DNA Test for Degenerative Myelopathy (Spine) - OFA CERT-NORMAL
  • vWD-  Von Willebrand's Disease (Bleeding Disorder)-OFA CERT-CLEAR
  • LOCUS D - Coat (Dilute Blue & Fawn)-OFA CERT-CLEAR (DD)
  • DENTITION - Dental (Teeth & Eruption)-OFA CERT-FULL DENTITION
  • HIP -Hip Evaluation and Grade - OFA CERT - EXCELLENT
  • ELBOW- Elbow Evaluation and Grade OFA CERT NORMAL
  • RD -Canine Renal Dysplasia DOGenes, Inc - At Risk
  • DINGs Vestibular Deafness - OFA Cert - NORMAL
  • Test/OFA Certificates YEARLY:
  • *
  • EYE-  Eye Exam and Screening-
  • OFA CERT- EXP 11/18/2017 
  • OFA Cert NORMAL  Exp 03/16/2019
  • CARDIO PRACTITIONER Congenital Cardiac Exam-
  • OFA CERT NORMAL EXP 03/15/2018
  • OFA CERT NORMAL EXP 02/18/2019
  • CARDIO ECHO - Echocardiographic Exam -
  •  OFA CERT  NORMAL 03/04/2018
  • OFA CERT - CLEAR/NORMAL 03/31/19
  • CARDIO HOLTER -  24 Hour Holter Monitor Record & Interpret 
    OFA CERT , NORMAL 09/15/2018
  • PENDING 07/2019
  • OFA Thyroid @ 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Years Old (Reg. Lab/Blood work done Yearly)
  • *
  • THYROID - Thyroid Eval, incl. T4 & cTSH, Cert
  • OFA CERT - NORMAL (2 YRS OLD 02/2018)
  • OFA CERT - NORMAL (3 YRS OLD 03/2019)

We are planning a Fall 2019 Chaser and Crystal litter.

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