We have no avaible pups at this time


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If you have submitted a COMPLETED  Puppy Application, be sure to watch your email in box for our response. Please reach out to our general mailbox (dobermanfields@gmail,com) within 7-10 days if you have not received a response after submitting an Application, sometimes Applications are filtered into Spam by our email server.


We are accepting Puppy Applications for our 2023 anticipated Spring /Summer Litter Waiting List. (Limited Openings)

We are accepting Puppy Applications for 2024 and Future litters.  (Openings Available for Reserved AND StandBy Families)


Available Dog(s)

We have NO available Dogs/Older Pups at this time

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General Puppy Sales Information/Policy/Procedures

this is a GENERAL guide ONLY ....each actual litter will have specifics posted on its own page within our website!!


*YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED Puppy Application to be considered for Approved Buyer Status for any puppy from a current OR any upcoming/future litter*

Puppies will be sold for between $3,500.00 and $4,000.00

to USA Residence Only. 


All pups produced will be Black/Rust coats ONLY. 

Our Sire Azurite does NOT carry the gene necessary for Red/Rust coats and we do not breed for Blue or Fawn coats.  Thank you!


A $1000.00 Payment (Of which $500 is your nonrefundable deposit )is due from "Approved" buyers to secure/commit to your pup upon Approval of Puppy Application to be added to our Waiting List .


The balance of your nonrefundable deposit, $400.00, will be sent via email 3 days AFTER pups are whelped and is due upon receipt.


1/2 of balance due/remaining will be due when the pups are four weeks old and is due upon receipt.  Prompt payment will be required to retain Buyer Status,


Remaining Balance due is payable in full when the puppy is picked up (9-11 weeks old). This final payment MUST be made by Certified Check, Money Order or Cash ONLY.  No Exception


Applicable Invoices will be sent out via email and are due upon receipt.


  All puppies :

*have tails docked and dew claws removed around 3 days old, and ears cropped around seven weeks old. 

*will have AKC Reunite Microchip, implanted by our Vet at six weeks old, and the Microchip will be registered by us to (1) the buyer, (2) the breeder, and (3) the buyer's vet

*be up to date on vaccinations (done by our vet at 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age) , worming, and Heart Worming (started at 8 weeks old, Vet Rx - Sentinel)

*come with a NYS Vet/Health Certificate (including Fecal exam results)

*will be registered in AKC  by us FOR you - AKC  Limited (Full AKC Registration IS available to PREAPPROVED homes ONLY) once payment in full has been received (eight weeks old).

* will begin crate training around 5 weeks old.

* will be introduced to litter box training around 4 weeks old

*will receive the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test, (PAT) given by a professional/certified trainer, at six weeks old and THEN will be matched by us to each buyer based on the Buyer's approved application - wants/needs/plans for the life of their Doberman pup AND the results of the Aptitude Test,

* will have individual "Meet and Greets" scheduled after 6 weeks of age (no exceptions!)- once 1st vaccination has been given, PAT done, and puppies assigned to buyers by breeder,

* will be scheduled for "go home" dates with approved/paid in full buyers for around 9-11 weeks old, after ear crop sutures have been removed and pups' ear have been posted at least once by the breeder. 


Arrangements can and will be made if any approved buyer needs additional time for puppy pick up, however Buyer WILL be responsible for additional fees related to the delayed pick up date (for example - additional vet visits, vaccinations, fecal tests, etc., posting supplies, etc.)


All "Approved" Buyers provided with a list of  Registered names to choose from for the theme of the litter produced.  Each  Litter is Letter Coded - the theme will be based on that letter.
Example, A Litter - Doberman Fields' Angel of War

Call Name - Max

B Litter, Doberman Fields' Book of Revelations

Call Name - Azurite


Call names, of course, will be left up to the buyer to choose and use. 



PLEASE fill out and submit a Puppy Application to be considered for any  current litter  listed with available pups, and/or Our 2023, 2024 and/or Future Waiting Lists

Please see our Puppy Application for additional information.